REPORT: Culture Actually - the last project of the Association of Arts management students

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Organisational team of the event called Culture Actually... applied for funding at the European Commission and succeeded. Thanks to financial support we have got opportunity to organize 10 days' programme for more than twenty young people from different European countries.

The participants came from Portugal, Romania, Estonia and Germany. The programme was designed to inform and educate about the main topic - culture and its influence on society - whilst using non-formal educational methods. We wanted to offer mainly practical experiences from various artistic activities, set questions for investigation and exploit from participants' different cultural backgrounds. The main activities were for example workshop of group drumming, film animation workshop, field trip to culture centre Zahrada in the suburbs of Prague + discussion of community work, discussions on the film and music industries and other interactive activities. More details about the programme can be obtained at:

The group of participants concluded with arguments supporting the necessity of maintenance of culture values (tangible and intangible) for our common European future. Culture was identified as the main source of self identification with the European values (democracy, public engagement, civil society etc.) as well as its memory which enables sharing and handing down these values. The goal of the project was to highlight the economic impact of culture and arts which was successfully demonstrated via activities where the participants were asked to create their own cultural projects according to particular case studies.
By the common endowment the group concluded with the evidence of multiplication effect (sustainable working placements, increasing the attractiveness for tourism, increasing the revenues of suppliers etc.) At the end of the project we animated an underpass in Southern City (Jižní město) near the bus stop Chodovská tvrz. Our masterpiece developed spontaneously as the reaction on the past 10 days. Our greatest wish was to evoke positive emotions by passers-by, residents of the Southern City. Another outcome of our work is a short animated film which was created at the film animation workshop. Download the video at Youtube.

We were working on this project couple of months from its initiation by application for Youth in Action grant funding until the actual 10 days of hosting the participants in the middle of July 2011. Our main motivation for organizing this project were not only our positive experience with similar projects abroad but also the opportunity to confront our ideas and approaches (gained during the study programme Arts Management programme at the University of Economics Pragu) with experience of the other participants.

More about Youth Exchange projects and the programme Youth in Action

For those who are interested in organising such project we are briefly describing the process of the entire organisation. First and most important point is to apply for grant funding to Youth in Action. The closing dates are usually available on the website of the national representative of the programme. Use google to find who represents the programme in your country. The most important thing of the application is the clear statement of the mission and aims of your project. In case of our project the main topic was culture and its impacts on the society. Furthermore it is necessary to submit detailed programme of the activities for all days including time lines. Next step is to find partners in the countries you would like to invite to collaboration; these partners response for sending participants. This isalso why the project is not open to general public - only participants sent by partner organisations and the hosting organisation take part in. Moreover, you are supposed to submit the confirmation forms from your partners - these have to be completed by your partners and scanned or sent by mail to your place or the address of your organisation. There is one point which is good to highlight - you do not have to be an officially registered organisation, you - and the same for your partners - can be just informal group of young people under 26. Indeed, this means that the project may be organised by a group of friends who represent the project within the entire organisational process. The most important things regarding the application are now covered. After the submission of your application fairly long period of considering all of the applications follows. As you are informed that your project was approved, you can start working on the actual project. You will need to sign the grant contract with Youth in Action representative in your country/city. These representatives usually offer consultations about the projects, applications and all administrative issues. As there is a chance to be awarded by quite a big amount of money, there is an opportunity to design outstanding programme full of interesting and exciting activities. The grant covers the full board and accommodation for the participants, programme activities, promotional stuff and even 70% of travel costs of the participants. As we have got amazing experience with this programme, we can strongly recommend it.

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